December Currently

Happy December!  I love the holiday season; the food, music, family and friends, and giving to others. It's such a great time of year.  I can't believe it is already December 1st and my week off is coming to an end.

I'm kinda sad about that.

BUT, I only have three more weeks until winter break, yippee!

Here is what is happening currently in my life.  I am linking up with Farley at Oh Boy, Third Grade!

Listening- so it's Sunday and normally the sounds in my house would be all about football, but my hubby and son are out golfing.  So the Christmas music is blaring right at the moment.  Love it!!

Loving- the holiday season.  I think I touched upon that in the beginning.  I think that I am also really loving it because I am just about done with my Christmas shopping, cards are ready to be mailed and some gifts have been wrapped.

Wanting- our new fridge to be delivered (should be here any minute).  I don't usually leave the house on Black Friday, but I did at 8:30 at night and bought a new refrigerator.  The one in our house has had issues with the water and ice dispenser.  We were going to have it repaired, but thought why not just buy a new one on Black Friday.  There were great deals, so we bought one.  Nothing fancy.  I just won't have to deal with puddles of water on my kitchen floor due to a leaky water dispenser.  We kept our old one and moved it to the garage.  We now have a larger beer adult beverage fridge for the garage. Our old adult beverage fridge will be hauled away.  It was ancient.  So there's my fridge story.

Needing- The house is decorated, we just need our tree.  It probably won't happen until next weekend, but oh well.  I love the smell it brings to the house.  I can hold my horses and wait... I think.  I hope.

Favorite Tradition- This was a hard one because I have a few, but baking would have to be my favorite.  My son loves to help.  Once we have a good selection, we deliver them to friends.  That is the best part!

So there you have it!  December Currently.  And in case you have not hear, the TPT Cyber sale begins tomorrow.


  1. I am counting down the days until Christmas Break too! LOL! And, I haven'r even returned from Thanksgiving Break. Oh the life of a teacher at this time of year.

    Carried Away in... K!

  2. I'm definitely jealous of your adult beverage fridge! I'd like to have one of those!
    Enjoy your holiday season and your new fridge!!!

  3. I think it's really sweet you make cookies with your family and then give them away-what a great tradition! :)



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