13 in 13

Wow!  Only a couple of more days left in 2013.  Today, I am linking up with Teeny Tiny Teacher and her 13 highlights of 2013.

This is a hard one, I have a few but if I have to choose one, I would say my Keen boots are my fave. They are so comfy!

Well the thing is I rarely watch mommy movies, I am always watching kid movies.  So my favorite kid movies this past year were Frozen and Despicable Me 2.

My favorite TV series is Modern Family.  I just think they are all so funny!

Sierra Nevada Taproom, good food and beer!  We are very fortunate to have this in our town.

Green beans and I liked them.  I love veggies, but always thought that I did not like green beans.  I'm not sure why, but would always pass when they were offered to me.  Well I gave them a try again, liked them and now I buy them often at the store.  They are easy to prepare.

My 3/4 length down jacket (mine is in black).  It's perfect for cold (California cold)  mornings on yard duty.

I tried to pick a favorite of this, but honestly I pin so many great ideas it's hard to pick just one.  There are so many creative people out there.

My favorite blog post was about our 50th day of school celebrations.  Read it here


Raising a happy family.  It's hard these days with so many influences, both good and bad.  I truly make an effort everyday to spend quality time with my family.  That may mean putting school, blogging, and TPT on the back burner sometimes.  But it is so worth it to me.

Any picture from Disneyland is a favorite.  

I don't know if I have a favorite memory.  It's hard to choose just one.  I would have to say a lot of my great memories are from family vacations we take.

To survive "the move."  I will elaborate more on that soon.  It's all good, but I will definitely have to practice flexibility.

I've made this my word before, but this will be a good year to revisit it.  It will help with "the move."

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  1. Stopping by from the linky party! Enjoyed reading your post! I love your word fro the new year...definitely one I should use myself!
    A Tall Drink of Water


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