Five For Friday

Hello friends!  Friday has arrived, and that puts a big smile on my face.  I feel like it was such a looooonnnngggg week!  I think I was still exhausted all week from the previous Halloween/50th day/parent conference craziness.  So here is a little Five for Friday from Doodle Bugs Teaching.

1.  It's a 3 day weekend.  That deserves one of these five numbers.  No need to explain why that is good.
2.  This next one may really annoy some of you, but I got some Christmas shopping done and picked up our Christmas cards from Costco today.  Yep, I am on the ball.  My plan is to be done before December 1st.  I started this free Christmas countdown a couple of years ago, and it has helped my plan ahead.  I modify it to fit our family, but it works.
3.  Fall is my absolute favorite.  I love playing in the leaf piles with my son.  I cherish these days because I know they will only last for so long.

4.  I love shoes, what girl doesn't?  But, to be honest I usually stick with neutral colors (brown, black and I have one grey pair of TOMS).  Today, I ordered the cutest shoes.  They are so out of my color zone, but I am so excited for them.  Have you heard of Sole Society?  Cute stuff!  Here they are, and yes this is the color I ordered.

I think they will look so cute with jeans.  I'll let you know how they look in person.

5.  If you haven't heard, there is a Facebook Frenzy happening right now.  Head over to my Facebook page, grab the freebie, and then hop along and collect more freebies.

Enjoy your weekend!

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