Five for Friday

You can't tell right now, but I have been doing the happy dance since 4 p.m.  That was the finish time of my last parent conference and the end of a very busy week!  Hallelujah the weekend is here.  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

Here we go:

1.  Our pumpkin, we started the week attending a pumpkin carving contest.  We had to use a ping pong ball in some way.  Here is what we came up with:

We did not win, oh well we had fun!

2.  Our 50th day of school was a big hit.  Read more about it here.

3.  Halloween was yesterday.  It was the day after our 50th day of school, crazy!  Two dress up days in a row.  Our costumes were pretty low key today.  I wore my wig for about ten minutes and then I was done.  I turned back into Thing 2, with a blonde pony tail.

4.  Today was my parent conference day.  The kids had the day off, but it makes for a long day to get 19 parent conferences done in one day.  I am exhausted!

5.  My version of a red solo cup came out today.  Love, love, love this time of year!

Enjoy your weekend!  I will announce the winners from my one year giveaway tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a fun and busy week! I understand on the parent conferences - our conference day always makes my head spin. Last year and this year, I started doing them ahead of the conference day to cut down on how many people I had to meet with on conference day. Y'all look cute in your fifties get up and Halloween costumes!

    - Pam @ Moments to Teach

  2. Oh my goodness your version of a red solo cup is one of my favorites- can't wait for a gingerbread latte. I find it hard to believe you didn't win the pumpkin contest with that cute guy-adorable!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  3. I thought my week was crazy!! Your costumes were both so cute :) Enjoy your weekend!
    Corinna (✿◠‿◠)
    Surfin' Through Second

  4. I feel your pain with squeezing all the parents in on one day for conferences. I have 29 kids this year and start early. Two days of dress up. Yikes! You deserve a restful weekend!

  5. I hope you had a very restful weekend! You deserve it after a week like that!!
    I love those red cups too!


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