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I am linking up with Blog Hoppin's Thankful Linky.  Today I am completing this sentence:

Activities like...writing are easier with the help of writing center tools.  

I am reposting about my writing center lists below.  I have to say that my kids love these and I try to add a new list onto their list every couple of days to help generate new writing ideas.  I rarely get the "I don't know what to write about."  

****The is a repost from 9/14/13****

Do you use writing folders?  Last year I used some of Deanna Jumps's Writing packs and I loved the way she organized the folders.  A great pack if you don't own it and are looking for some writing guidance.  I own three of them.  Here is one of my student's folders:

This year I bought the ones with 3 prongs so I could put my blackline word center lists in them to use.  

I don't put all of the word lists in, just some of the ones I thing they will use the most (A Year of Words).  Each table group has a "little" pack with all of the words we add.  I add them as we study new topics, enter a new season and/or month.  

If you want just "the little," they are available separately:

It's been a while since I have posted a freebie, so how about a free blackline writing center list.  Click below to grab your family words in the blackline version:

Enjoy and if you are interested in "Just the Bigs, blackline version," click below:

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear about your writing folders or tips/tricks.

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