Going Batty

Happy Monday!  We are going batty in our class.  We are just beginning our unit, but I have a lot to cram in because the 50th day, Halloween and assessments for parent conferences all need to happen during the the week and a half as well.  One activity my kids love is batty breakfast.  Batty breakfast is a great activity to give students a visual as to how many mosquitoes a brown bat may eat in a hour.  Do you know how many?  Some say up to 600, that is a lot!  So we break our students into 6 groups and give them a paper with 100 mosquitoes on it.  As a group, they need to work together to cut apart their mosquitoes and glue them onto a plate.  When we are all done, we have 6 plates with 100 mosquitoes on each plate.

Here is our schema chart

Would you like a batty breakfast?  Click below for your yummy mosquitoes!

I filled our math tubs with these batty activities


Batty measurement with mosquitoes

All of these activities can be found in my Bats- Math Center Fun Pack

Alrighty, I think that is it for now.  Be sure to enter my one year blogaversary giveaway.  There are some great prizes!

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