Five For Friday (Freebie)

Happy Friday!  I really have a dream class this year, but still always love Fridays.  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for this week's Five for Friday.

1.  My week starting off on a great start with a mommy day shopping at a "real" mall.  You would think in a town our size (around 100,000 with college students), we would have a "real" mall, but I rarely step foot in our mall.  The anchor store in our mall is Sears, there you have it.  So I spent last Sunday at a "real" mall adding to my fall wardrobe, it was great!

2.  In class, we have have been busy working recycling math tubs for our Green Team/Recycling unit.

These activities come from the Earth Day Math Center Fun pack.  See this blog post or click the picture below to see more.

3.  We had some professional yo-yoers come to our school today.  I bought a yo-yo for my son (or me), maybe I'll become a professional yo-yoer.  They were really great to watch!

4.  We are going to celebrate the 50th day of school this year.  Luckily it falls near Halloween, so it will be a fun day for my kids who don't celebrate Halloween.  I am finishing up my 50th day activities and I will share them soon.  One thing I am really excited about are these:

I have enough for each firstie to have one, I just haven't figure out how to use them yet.

5.  And finally that freebie I promised from yesterday.  Here is the finished product (this was a week long project).  First I introduced what an adjective was.  We used our five senses to describe leaves, apples and pumpkins.  I explained that these are all adjectives (and I began to see adjectives in some of their writing this week.

After brainstorming adjectives in small groups, we made charts from all three items.

Next we, wrote our our Fall is...poems.  We had also sponge painted construction paper is fall colors and cut our leaf shapes from the sponged art.  Here is a sample of the finished product.  It is great to see them using adjective in their writing now!

Here is a closer look at the freebie

To get your freebie, click below!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I also teach 1st grade & will be doing the 50th day with my kids on Oct. 24 (same week as conferences...UGH!) But would love to know some of your ideas. Thanks, Jackie

  2. Thank you for offering this for free! I homeschool and my first and second grader loved this as did I!


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