September Currently

Hi friends!  Are you enjoying your 3-day weekend as much as I am?  I love my class this year, but it is exhausting.  Here is my September Currently:

1.  My son loves the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons.  They are funny and I adore his belly laughs he does while watching them.

2.  3-day weekends are wonderful.  Really, why don't we have them more often.  I feel like day one can be a catch-up day.  Day two is a great day to do something fun with the family.  The third day can be my relaxing day before heading back to a busy 4-day week.  Maybe I'll start a petition.

3.  My check-off list is always huge in September.  It starts off with everything I did not get done in the summer.  After those items, comes planning for my son's birthday, husband's birthday and our anniversary.  Crazy, busy month, but a fun one!

4.  Wouldn't a personal assistant be nice?  When I look at my to-do list, I often wonder what life would be like if I had one.

5.  I need to get something on the calendar to look forward to.  I would love a mommy getaway, I always come back refreshed after one.

6.  What to do for me? 
  • I exercise regularly, but I have slacked on the weights department.  I have a bad knee (like 4 surgeries and a fake ACL).  In order to keep me knee in tact, I really should be building my leg muscles.  I have kind of slacked, but I really want to take my son snow skiing this year so I am determined to get back in the weights routine.
  • Meal plan for the week.  I am usually really good about this.  It streamlines my grocery shopping trips.  I kind of slacked this summer.  So now that September is here, I am going to get back into it.
  • I need to dedicate mommy time everyday.  It really makes me a happier person.  I know it, but sometimes life gets in the way.  A quick ten minutes on the bike often helps.  I just need to schedule it on crazy, busy days!
There you go!  Enjoy your day and make it a great month.

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  1. Renee, I will be the first to sign your petition! I love the idea of having 3 day weekends! I wouldn't even mind spending that extra day at school just working on things that need to be done. Then, I wouldn't have to bring it all home with me on the weekends! Enjoy your day off today! Good luck with all of your goals!

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