Popcorn Tubs (Word Work)

O.K. so I am going to be honest,  blew off Five for Friday because I was lounging on the couch enjoying my Friday evening glass of wine.  It was too hard to motivate, so I am blowing it off and moving on to a new topic...word work.

I have a reaching for the stars movie theme in my class, so I decided to put my word work tubs into popcorn tubs.  The kids enjoy them!

I have five tubs and fours kids are at working with words each rotation.  I wanted to be sure that my students went to a different tub each day, so I created an easy check off form that they keep in their book box.

They get a new popcorn paper on Mondays.  Each day, they mark off the tub number that they went to. They can't go to the same one during the week.  So far it has been working great!


  1. Where did you find these tubs? I've been looking for them everywhere!

    Mindful Rambles


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