Fall Math Fun

Okay, I think I am past the crazy, busy part of September.  Our family had 3 days in a row of craziness  last week(our anniversary, our son's birthday and my husband's birthday).  So the good thing is that I didn't have to cook all week, but it was crazy with party planning, family, and just life in general. Hopefully I can get a handle on it soon!

I did manage to finish my fall/autumn math center fun.  Some of the items will be too hard for most my kiddos, but since I am doing math tubs, I am able to pull my more advanced students and challenge them with some of the activities.  Here are some of them:

Autumn Counting Fun- this can be used as a "write the room"

number match

number order (least to greatest or greatest to least)

fact family practice

roll and cover 10 more/less and 1 more/less

Find, Tally and Graph- Fall and Autumn (my first graders have only learned the graphing part of this. They need a little but more instruction before I am ready to introduce the addition part.  

Acorn measuring

My kids are loving math tubs.  They have just been exploration up to this point.  We have more rotation and then I will introduce these activities.  All of the above activities are in the Fall and Autumn Math Center Fun

Now we just need our weather to cool down a bit so we can really get into the fall/autumn mode!

Have a great evening friends.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I love the real acorns!! Great job!


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