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It's Throwback Thursday time!  I am linking up with Cara Caroll at The First Grade Parade with her Throwback Thursday party.

The new year is approaching for me and for many of you it has already started.  I though it would be great to re-visit this post about our school-wide post-office run by our little first graders.  It's such a great school-wide activity.

-----Originally posted April 24, 2013----

Froggy Mail is in full working order this week.  We are a k-8 school and during testing our little first graders run a school wide post office.  It is such a fun community activity.  Kids in all grades write letters to friends, big/little buddies, brothers/sisters and staff.  Mail is dropped into our Froggy mailbox (it is taken out of storage for this two week project).

The Postmasters (a.k.a. the first grade teachers) empty this daily so the postal workers (first graders) can process this mail.  The first graders rotate through the jobs so they each have the opportunity to do the all of the jobs.  The Froggy mail jobs are Facer, Nixie Clerk, Sorter and Delivery person.
Mail that has been processed and sorted...ready for delivery.

We were fortunate to have some postal boxes and old postal shirts donated, so our mailkids can take their job seriously.  

Today was the first official day of processing and delivery and the kids loved it.  The big kids welcome the firsties because they remember when they did the same thing.  It is such a memorable experience for these kids.  It shows the firsties that there is a purpose for writing.  

So are you ready for a freebie?  We started the week learning how to write a friendly letter and how to address an envelope.  I created and friendly letter label page for this kids to help them learn the vocabulary associated with friendly letters.

Here is the label page.  Click the picture to get your free copy.

I also made a new Find, Tally and Graph to go with our post office time.

There you have it.  Froggy mail in a nut shell.  I hope you are have a fabulous week!  Don't forget to check my Facebook page today for the Thrifty Thursday deal!!

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  1. Kids love mail. I love mail! I think it's a must to incorporate some sort of mail system at school!! Love this :)

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