Hollywood Theme Fun

It's Monday and I am actually writing a blog post, kudos to me!  Today I thought I would show your some of the fun Hollywood theme items I have going in my class.  Our school has a school-wide theme each year.  From this school-wide theme, each grade level puts their own spin on it to fit their grade.  In first grade, we chose the Hollywood theme.  We want to teach the students to reach for the stars, meaning their fullest potential.  Here is my theme board.  Once again, you have to ignore the wood paneling and the electrical throughout the classroom.

We named each of our main units after a kid friendly movie, except the first one.  The first one; Lights, Camera, Action is all about learning procedures and getting to know each other.  The other movies tie into the fallowing themes:

Planet Earth- recycling, worms, our "green team" unit
Night at the Museum- bats and owls (nocturnal)
It's a Wonderful Life- holidays around the world
Happy Feet- penguins
National Treasure- National Symbols
Pirates of the Caribbean- mapping
Rio- rainforest

Here is my birthday wall:

Reading area- we will add things as we learn sounds/strategies

"Hollyword" Wall

This picture wall is so stinkin' cute in real life.  I wish you could see their faces, I just love my class.  This is my component board and will change with each unit.

Eventually their cute pictures will move to my "meet the cast" area.  This is a a small skinny wall above a counter in the class.

I didn't take pictures of my library area yet, because that is a work in progress.  It will happen, no worries.  Until then, have a fabulous week!


  1. Where did you get the cut outs used on the birthday wall???

    1. I cut them out with my Cameo Silhouette :)


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