Five For Friday

It's amazing how you loose track of the days so easily when it's summertime.    It's Friday and I would like summer to slow down a bit.  I feel like the end of June is just around the corner.  Today I am linking up with this week's Doodle Bugs Teaching Five For Friday.

Here is what has been happening in my lazy summer life.
1.  Breakfast, my favorite meal.  I love that summertime if I want to make a big breakfast I can.  I have the time.  I can eat it, cruise through Pinterest on the IPAD and savor my coffee.  

2.  Soccer camp was happening this week for my son.  The university puts on a great kids soccer camp.  The problem being my son, who is clingy with new situations and is five (still young) wants me to stay the whole time.  Luckily it wasn't too hot this week.  
3.  Reading.  Because I was sitting on the soccer sidelines for three hours a day for the last four days, I was able to get some reading done.  One of the books I wanted to read for school was Mate Exchanges.

Great book.  It really talks about how to teach kids to think like a mathematician, which is what common core focuses on.  Have you read this?  What were your thoughts?
4.  I began one of my summer projects...putting together book bags.   I used to do this in my class and my students and parents loved it.  I was trying to remember why I stopped, and then I realized that the last year I did them was a year I had "that class."  Oh my, I try to block some of those memories.  I plan to post more about how I use my book bags when they are more complete.  Consider this a sneak peak!

5. And last, I haven't actually done this as of the time I am writing this but I will probably be watching it when you are reading this.  Let me preface this with a little fact about me, I love Disney and enjoy Disney movies.  Well, Monsters University comes out today so my son and I are going to watch it.  

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. I love having the time for not so rushed breakfasts in the morning too! We are also anxious to see Monsters University, but we have to wait for the hubby to have a day off to go see it.

  2. can't wait to see how you use the book bags. i'll be in fourth grade, a first year teacher here, and love new ideas!


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