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Hi there Friends!  Can you believe June is already ending?  Can we please slow summer down.  I am enjoying this down time way too much, even we are going through a major heat wave!  I am linking up with Oh Boy 4th Grade for the monthly currently.

Here we go:
Listening: I'm not sure why I still watch this silly show, but I do.
Loving:  There is not much that can top a lazy summer morning.  I can relax on the couch with my coffee and computer.  It is my time to catch up on blogs and enjoy Pinterest.
Thinking: Summer needs to slow down!
Wanting:  I love ice cream, and an ice cream sandwich is sounding delicious at the moment.  Too bad I don't feel like venturing out at 9 p.m. to get one.
Needing: Even though it is summer, I still have some things I would like to accomplish this summer.  I better get on that!
Tips, Tricks or Hint:  I guess it is hard to get things done off my to-do list when I am trying to enjoy each day to the fullest.  I love hanging out with my 5 year old.  I really try to cherish this time with him.  He will never be this age again.

There you have it!  My currently for the month.  If you are in the mood to do a little shopping, my TPT store is 20% off today (June 30th, 2013)!


  1. Ice cream is such a yummy summertime treat!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. An ice cream sandwich sounds really good. I think I will have to add that to my grocery list :)

    ~Diving Into Learning

  3. I am a bachelorette fan too!!! I can't wait for it to get down to the nitty gritty:)
    You just about made me cry with your comment about your 5 year old. It's so true isn't it? Mine are 6 and 3 and it is just flying by:(
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  4. I'm totally addicted to that stupid show too! I don't know why but I keep watching!!!! Found you through Farley's Currently linky party and I am your newest follower!!!

    A New Teacher's Journey

  5. I love lazy mornings too! Probably the best part of the summer! :)


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