End of the Year Gifts and a Freebie

The year is winding down and I have my end of the year gifts done.  For my students, I gathered spiral bound binders to make a Summer Journal for them.  I did something similar at Christmas and they loved it.  I might as well keep them writing if I can.

I am also fortunate to work at a school with a lot of parent involvement.  I have 10 parents who have come in consistently to work in my class each week, so I need to do something for them as well.  I always like to keep it simple.  Nowadays I always start with Pinterest to see all of the great ideas.  There are so many choices, it's hard to narrow it down to what I like.

Here is what I put together, a "Thanks a Late" bag.  Inside each bag is a mocha drink (I know it is not a latte, but that is what Costco had) and a small bag of chocolate covered coffee beans.  I made them tags, cut them with a circle punch and put them in a bag.  I always have these kraft bags around.  They are simple and can be dressed up to fit any occasion.

Here are the labels (freebie).  I warn you, these are not a template to labels or anything.  I just used a 2.5" circle punch to cut them out.

Do you have parent helpers?  If so, what do you do for thank you gifts?  I would love to hear your ideas.

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