Rainforest Centers

Hello friends! Did you hop on Instagram today?  If so, check out #teachertalktuesday.  Lots of fun pictures from 100's of teachers.  Follow me at fantasticfroggies. So, as much as I like post office, I am ready for it to end so we can move onto learning about rainforests.  This upcoming unit is one of my favorite units.  I have all of my rainforest centers prepped and ready to go.  I feel so ahead of the game.  Here are the math centers:
Rainforest measurement

Telling Time

Number Order

Fact Family Practice

Place Value 

Find, Tally and Graph-rainforest

Roll and cover- 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less

I think these will be a great end of the year review for my kiddos.  These can be found in the Rainforest Math Center Fun (click picture)

The literacy centers will also be engaging for my students and great review of skills.
ABC Order

Sentence Scrambles (6 of them)

Syllable Count

Making Words with rainforest

Compound Words

Punctuation Sort

Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives sort

There you have it!  All of these literacy centers can be found in the Rainforest Literacy Center Fun (click picture below).

I have many more fun things to share with you in the weeks ahead with the rainforest.  Have a great day!

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