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Hello friends!  It is my last weekend of spring break and I have mixed feelings.  I am excited to see my kids, but am enjoying the time off.  The next two weeks are short for us.  We get a four-day weekend for Easter.  This week, we will begin our mapping unit and do some bunny, eggs and bean activities.  Today I am sharing some fun ways to I use those plastic eggs in the classroom, which includes a freebie.

The eggs are so cheep along with plastic baskets to put them in.  I also like to use egg cartons.  I like to keep them in cartons because it is easier to store them.  Here are some ways that I use them.

You know from this post that I love letter tiles.  One of the activities I like to do is put the letters of their sight words in an egg.  The kids have to unscramble the letters to make a word and right it on the paper.  For some kids, I give them a list of the words they are trying to unscramble.

"egg-citing" equations is easy to tailor to your class needs.  Just write a problem on a strip of paper, put it in the egg, and the kids write the answer onto the paper.  The thing to remember is to number your problems, so the kids match the problem to the corresponding number on the egg and paper.  This make it easy to correct.

My kids always love the money hunt.  Place real or fake coins in each egg.  The kids open each egg, count the coins and write the answer on their paper.  The important thing to remind the kids is to put the coins back in the egg before they get the next egg.

The contraction egg hunt will be new for me this year.  My intent is to put the eggs in a bucket already apart.  They kids will find a match and write the contraction on their paper.  You can't tell from the picture, but I numbered the top half of each egg.

Are you ready for a freebie?  Click the picture above to grab your own recording sheet.  In addition to these activities, we will be working on these activities as well.

And last, are you ready for my truths and lie answer?  Here were my choices:

1.  I speak fluent Spanish.
2.  I have traveled to every continent except Antarctica.
3.  I was on Romper Room as a kid.

LIE- I speak fluent Spanish.  I sure wish I did, but not even close.

TRUTH- I have traveled to every continent except Antarctica.  I love to travel.  It's a little harder with a family, but it will happen again...soon!  I feel that bug stirring.

TRUTH- I was on Romper Room as a kid.  My grandma live near where they filmed in Oakland, CA.  We were shopping in Jack London Square and found their studio.  They filmed a whole week in one day.  Unfortunately, it was before VCR's so my mom just has a picture of the TV with an episode airing!

Enjoy your weekend!

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