Tile It! Popcorn Words

I am very fortunate to have a mom who loves to scour garage sales for goodies.  I can't stand going to them, but I have a list of things for my mom to keep an eye out for.  One of those items on the list are old games, particularly the one with wooden tiles.  I love to use the wooden tiles with word work centers.  Each week we learn 5 new sight words (popcorn, star words or whatever you may call them).  For some of my kids they can already read them so they have moved ahead and are spelling them.  I wanted a tub activity that would help the children read and spell them.  I had seen this done, but finally got around to making the recording sheets for the first 120 Dolch words.

So what the children do is find the letters they need in the popcorn and place them on the work board.  Once they find all of the letters, they take the numbers from the tiles and make addition sentences.

Here is a work board

After they have found all of the letters, they write the words down.  Next, they make an addition sentence with the letters tiles.  There you have it, reading, writing and math all at one station.  Of course this station required modeling a couple of times with an adult, but after that they were on their own.  Early finishers love to make their name and other words.

My kids love these!  I have made the recording sheets for Dolch words 1-120.  I plan to make the rest soon.  I have put the recording sheets, work boards, weekly assessments (based on 5 words per week), flash cards and directions in a Tile It! pack.  I have also included letters to print out in case you don't have wooden tiles.  Click to learn more:

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