Penguin Wrap-Up

Happy Monday!  I hope you enjoyed your day weekend.  Did you watch the Super Bowl, shop or both?  I did both.  I bought a lot of fun stuff over at the TPT sale.  If you missed it, don't worry my TPT store is still marked down 20% today.

Now onto penguins.  We finally finished up everything and are ready to move onto owls, that is after the 100th day of school today.
Our cute penguin folders that we store all of our work in.

These last two pictures are sentence charts.  We brainstorm adjectives, verbs, and prepositional phrases.  Next we pick some from each category (see the sticky note arrows).  Then with my pointer in hand we put it to song (the tune of Farmer and the Dell).  So it would go:

The small, happy penguin
The small, happy penguin
The small, happy, fat penguin eats at the Super Bowl

The kids love it, we say it fast, slow, deep voice, etc.  I also let the kids be the teacher and point to the words.  We change up the words and have fun reading silly sentences.

Well, after all of that fun we have to write down our creations, so I make a frame to guide how good sentence would be written:

The (adjective) penguin (verb) (prepositional phrase).

I match the colors of the words with the sentence frame boxes.  This helps some of my firsties.  Here are some of their sentences.

I  promise that is it for penguin posts for a while.  We are moving onto owls.  Enjoy your day!

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