Weekend Wrap-Up

We have had another beautiful day here in northern California.  We started the morning off golfing with our son.  He is five and often hits farther than me!  Oh well, we had fun.  I wanted to share what we did last week with Tacky the Penguin.

You may notice that some of the penguins have bows on their heads.  Some of my girls in class wanted Tacky to be a girl, so they put the bow on his head.  We used scrapbook paper for their shirts.  I think they turned out so cute.  This week we have some science experiments that we will be conducting.  I will share about them later this week.  In my literacy tubs this week I have penguins activities.
Penguin Punctuation

Penguin Sentence Scramble

Syllable Sort

ABC Order

Making Words with PENGUINS

That covers most of my tubs.  My other two tubs contain TAG Readers.  I recently added some new books, so they should enjoy that.  If you are interested in the Penguin Literacy Center Activities, click the picture below.

Or you can get it bundled with the Penguin Math Center below.

I only have a few hours left of my Monday off, so I better take advantage of it.  Have a great week!

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  1. Thanks for linking up with me! This penguin pack is super cute! Great work.

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