The "Big Game"

Football.  Are you a fan?  I know some people are not, but often times it's a way to connect to kids in your class.  I actually love football, which is good since my husband and son are obsessed with it.  I am a Raider fan (I know they are horrible, but I have been a fan since childhood).  My husband is also a Raider fan.  The big rival to the Raiders are the 49ers, especially here in northern California.  Most Raider fans are NOT 49ers fans, as the case with my husband and I.  So who is our son's favorite football team?  The 49ers!!  Where did this kid come from?  Well tonight is a big game in out house, the 49ers vs. Packers playoff game.  The Packers are my next favorite team.  Why the Packers in northern California?  Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback is from our little town of Chico.  He grew up here, went to school here and actually has a house nearby.  So I am rooting for the Packers and my son will be cheering for the 49ers...big game!  

I have some boys in my class that are big sports fans, so I thought that I would make some math centers to put out this month.

One of the things I have been wanting to try with my students are some logic problems.  I made some with excited to try the Football Friends activity with my students.  

If you are interested in the Football math pack, click the picture below:

What is your favorite football team?  Do you have any sports activities you use that help draw those students who love sports?  Well, happy weekend to you!  Go Packers!

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