12 Days of Christmas-Day 2 and a FREEBIE

I love lazy weekends!  I feel like this is my last chance for laziness before the holiday crazy busy schedule begins!  I wanted to remind you of my 12 Days of Christmas sale.  A new item in my TPT store will be marked down 20% each day.

Today's item is Reindeer Games Math

And now for the freebie.  Have you read the new Christmas Pete the Cat book?

I love how this story is about giving it your all.  It ties in so well with our life skills we teach at our school.  I plan to read the story, brainstorm ways to give it your all, and then write about it.  Here is a freebie for you if you wish.

Grab your FREEBIE here

Enjoy the rest of your day and don't forget to check back tomorrow and see what the special is!

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  1. Hi Renee,
    I'm trying to put together my Pete files for this year. I can't find the document in your TPT store for the Pete freebie.
    Thank you,


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