Reindeer Games

This week sure has flown by.  We had a kid-free day yesterday for parent conferences.  I was able to get through 14 of my 20, that is a lot in one day.  We have another kid-free day next Wednesday to finish them up.  It is so fun to get to share with the parents their child's accomplishments.  
In between conferences, I was able to eliminate a few piles of papers that have been ready to file away, and prep tubs for the next week.  Here is what is in my tubs next week, Reindeer Games:

This pack is full of activities that reinforce concepts we have already addressed:

Fact Families

more than, less than, equal to

10 more, 10 less

Find, Tally and Graph

Tally mark matching (which I did not get a picture of)
Find the Reindeer Games pack here.

We have school all the way up to the 22nd, so I bought some other great items at the Cyber Monday sale that I need to print and laminate.  I'm excited to have some new goodies!

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