It's coming and a FREEBIE

Wow, it is just now clicking that Thanksgiving is in TWO weeks!  Oh my,  I realized that because yesterday, we put on a performance for the parents called American Symbols on Parade.  It is one of those plays/musicals from Bad Wold Press.  We did it more as a Reader's Theatre, but it was great.  Well after the performance, I had the parents help take down all of our American symbols projects and art.  Today when I walked into my classroom, it was very bare.  When I pulled out the projects for the next week, that is when the "OH MY THANKSGIVING IS ALMOST HERE!!!" thoughts hit me.  I actually love this time of year, but it's creeping up kind of fast.

Anyways, onto the rest of the post.  My kids are loving the tic tac turkey games, but I thought it would be nice to add a tally sheet to it, so here it is.  The players can tally when a player wins or ties.  This can be used for any of the Tic Tac Toe games.
Download the FREEBIE recording sheet here.

I was also getting things prepped for after Thanksgiving and made a Tic Tac Tree math version.  It is the same as Tic Tac Turkey, only Christmas theme.  Check it out.

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