Happy Friday!

Wow, I feel like this week flew by and now we have a 3-day weekend.  Every Friday we have what is called Fun Friday Froggy. We get together with the other two first grade classes and do a project together.  Today was a simple, but cute project.  Unfortunately I did not take picture, but I will on Tuesday.  Basically, I made a large turkey without feather and put it up on our bulletin board.  The kids then made a feather that had a sentence stating what they are thankful for.  The second feather was a collage and the third was a feather cut from a painting they had made with their art teacher earlier in the week.  

I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Thanksgiving break is just about here and then it will be Christmas.  I have started to pull out my Christmas stations and prepped them (I like to be prepped ahead of time).  One of the things I prepared was Tic Tac Tree (just like Tic Tac Turkey, only Christmas theme)

Find it at TPT or Teachers Notebook

Enjoy your weekend!

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