Find, Tally and Graph

Math in my classroom consists of half the class at math tubs and the other half split between a small group game(some days a parent helps out) and a small group with me.  In the math tubs, I put various activities that reinforce standards we have already addressed in class.  This week I have been teaching them how to collect data, graph and use the data to solve problems. 

The first day we looked at the pictures and graphed how many of each picture they could find.  The next day, we took the completed graphs and tallied how many we had of each picture.  The students then solved addition and subtraction problems with the data.  They really had fun with this and now I feel confident that this can go into a tub and they will know what to do!  

I had some fast finisher and used the challenge cards, I had them think of each item as '5' instead of one.  They had to count by fives and figure out how many of each picture there was.  One of my boys said, "oh, yeah, yeah yeah, I love this!."  The things that excite first graders!!  Tomorrow, I will show them the last part, which is making their own math problems.  Here is the full collection with other seasonal versions (part one, I will probably make a part 2).

Find it at TPT or Teachers Notebook

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